Welcome Message

Health Tourism is, across the developed world, a high-return investment, boosting entrepreneurship while enhancing public health.

Greece possesses all the strategic advantages that convert the country in one of the most popular destinations for international visitors, any time of the year: highly experienced doctors and scientific staff, state-of-the-art health facilities, high-level accommodation and catering services, in combination with the unique climate and Mediterranean diet – key elements for the recovery and maintenance of health and well-being.

The quality of the services provided combined with the competitive cost, as well as the legal framework of the country, showcases health tourism as an advantageous, attractive field of activity for the dynamic investor from all over the world.

Our goal is to make the most of this unique opportunity. Through systematic actions undertaken by Elitour, in collaboration with all the country’s institutional sectors, we pave the way for healthy entrepreneurship and sustainable investments in health tourism to offer new development prospects to the Greek market and services of even better quality and innovation to the visitors.

In this effort, every contribution is significant. Together we can make Greece a role model in Health and Wellness Tourism.


George Patoulis

President of Elitour
President of Athens Medical Association
Regional Governor of Attica